Monday, April 7, 2014


A Band Called Life
s/t 7" 45rpm

Pull out yer copy of Vibing Up the Senile Man, soak it in Quakersol for a week and leave it behind a bus station, retrieve it once caked in the fond of a wet summer and what ya get is the single I got sittin right 'ere. Straight up rotted gunk oozed outta Karl from Hammering the Cramps and a few names I don't recognize. The words--ranted, layered, and strewn like a cardboard box shredded in a rainstorm--speak obtusely of fuck buddies and deep paranoia. Then they play train conductor for a bit before dragging Santa's sleigh by the short and janglies into the woods for a twisted ceremony, singing "everything is naturaaaal...electricity is naturaaal...just like the tennis..." all the way. The final track is almost affectionate and almost normal, but not without its teeth. Hoo lawdy, if I wern't havin' a round while this spun, I'd be hurtin' for one after. Which is to say, I'm into it! Transmissions from the Gulf seafloor of pop music; case of the bends free with purchase. 
Still to be found in distros in the US or direct from the label.

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