Friday, April 4, 2014


Morning and the Sleepy Kids
Songs 2004-2007 cassette
Alberts Basement 2010

Working my way thru the back catalog of Albert's Basement, I find this right-charmin' lil compendium of bedsit indie pop. Thankfully, this stuff is way less emetic than some of its contempos and predecessors in that it skips the MASH note-type emotional galaxy and goes right for the burned-out high school junior carvin' sad admissions in a shredded notebook sittin' on the hood of a Honda dimension. We all need to hang with that kid from time to time and these past few weeks seemed ripe for it round here. Nice, humid, dusty ashtray recording helps, as does a cover of "Cryin" that's at least as good as the one the glue fiend in Gummo mumbles to his buddy. Dub some for your friends, but file betwixt Cannanes and the Southern Comfort 7".

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