Friday, March 14, 2014


Exit Order
demo cassette
self-released (via bandcamp; download option available)

One of the finer findings upon my trudge back up to the ol Northeast has been what happened to punk and hardcore wholst I was away. Could scarcely find a single soul in ATL what could tell me bout it, or seemed much innarested and who can trust folk on the Internet to point in reliable directions? (Uhh just ignore that. --Ed.) Sure, I dug some of GG King's weird 80s OOP punk leanings, but not only did they seem anomalous down there where most punk comes with the distasteful "garage" prefix, they seemed studied. What else was there? Had alla New England's scene gone the NYC-style knuckleduster kinda awry? Or worse?
If'n what's up in Boston and Western Mass deez days be any indication, not one tiny bit. Maybe it's in the air, or maybe some generous record hoarder type unsealed a crate fulla early-to-mid 80s Finnish, Dutch and Italian OOP raer 7" L@@K singles on the yoots of today. However it happened, I'm clappin' my fins like a fool o'er it. This here demo dusted off my Electric Deads and No Thanks shorties like nothing much else to date. Hell, I can even hang with the lyrics. Hardcore's rigidity of form, even in cases like dis where folks go off the reservation, is such that headway is made at about the rate Japan approaches nationwide feminism. But I'mma snatch up progress whatever way it comes. Maybe one day this whole region can bid adieu to the heshers and headwalkers and get back, as a whole, to this kinda holler n' skree. Here's hopin'.

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