Friday, March 7, 2014

FIDDLIN IN MY DRAWERS: a lost review

Don't rightly know how this shockingly-lucid tidbit never made it to post. Guess it must've fallen behind the typing box machine and into the furious nubbin clutches of the dust bunny armada. Either way it went, here ya go!

The Gerogerigegege
All You Need Is An Audio Shock By Japanese Ultra Shit Band LP compilation
Audio Shock SHOCK1

This best of/discography/compendium of The Gerogerigegege was asked for by no one. Ok, maybe that isn't quite fair. It was probably asked for by many, just as therapy, clean sheets, and a scabies-free household have surely been demanded by similar folks. Why? I can't explain it without visual aides. For the curious among y'all, a superficial Youtube jaunt will yield a slew of karaoke abominations against sobriety, undies, and ear plugs. What you will most likely settle on is a clip of an otherwise perfectly normal-looking Japanese businessman wearing a vacuum hose on his cock, screaming over a cheap drum machine. Genitals will be obscured, because the Japanese would rather imagine the last 6% of the human anatomy than address it even at this level of culture. While All You Need Is An Audio Shock will surely be a wonderful companion piece to these videos, what you'll actually wind up with is a cavalcade of hurried beats and spaceship launches with delayed orgasms, whistles, shrieks and jeers. Essentially, the audio equivalent of Tetsuo the Iron Man starring Alan Vega's crotch, wherein the cheapest of hallucinogens undermine the basest of violent exhibitionism. And that's just Side A! To say the second side is a more "fleshed out" expression of the underlying Gerogerigegege worldview would be technically accurate and utterly insufficient as a descriptor. They're so far beyond such notions that to even try to address this as sticky slough of nihilist performance art is to miss the sampan. And noting the ADHD Century sense of "over it already," The Gerogerigegege has left behind higher brain functions, leaving the bits below the waist at the helm. In short, if the Orwellian notion of humanity is that we're bags to put food in, The Gerogerigegege attitude is UUUUUUNNNNNGGGGG....HHHHHHHHHHHH....AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....silencio. To beware is to miss the "point," too, but do please beware. This is only Volume 1 of a project started in 1985. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to peel the cat off the blinds.

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