Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Oklo Audio
s/t cassette
Ydlmier 051 2015

Takes a lot to divide a roomful of ostensibly open minds, but this Oklo Sound fella chalked a mean chasm at the release show for this tape. Granted it weren't nothin like the bits on his Soundcloud nor the contents of this release, so maybe some of the crowd only had hairline cracks in their gourds. It's not often my verbiage locks up, but the only note i managed to make during that performance was "anti-dj set SUPREME YO". Seems weird to unquiver this ol arrow, but "experimental music" isn't supposed to be always be a rollicking extravaganza of purdy lights and quick changes. Sometimes it's gotta leave you furrowed and uneasy or it ain't doin its duty.
Despite the major disparity between the aforementioned disco-dysplasia and this assemblage of perturbed drum programming and dragged chair legs, I remain convinced Oklo Audio has a spiritual home in the Breakdance the Dawn compound. It's so anti it faceplants on pro. Even his equipment's got the quake of fear, right down to its tender diodes. Dance music that keeps getting called out of the room to run errands. Gooder than grits, if'n you bring yer own butter.

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