Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hammering the Cramps
Ghosts b/w Black and Blue 7"
Wormwood Grasshopper 2013
ed of 150

This pair of live recordings from the mid-aughts, readied for the plastic treatment by Matt Earle ('s it me or is that feller capable of quantum superposition?), sees these Hobart outliers a bit further afield. On the A-cut, they shail about thru Wreck Small Speakers melodies, but the drums (as they do on the flip) make a man feel like he's bein' tipped back into a volcano; really a lovely keen to it. "Black and Blue" keys up the dire to eleven and snuffs itself sursaut--but it adds up, as the bass gets the spins, the vox are un-Englishable, and the drum set seems gassed from fendin' off alla dem dere demons. Though the rehearsal that makes up Hammering the Cramps' LP has a fair bit of brightness in its blare, this lil attachment seems to be choking on exhaust; a defiant wail hollered up at the all-consumin' darkness of obscurity. They weren't just some "local band" toiling in the winds; they were a tornado that spared town hall. Sure glad we've got the evidence to prove it!

Check this at Easter Bilby and Little Big Chief w/ the quickness. (I think Easter Bilby might still be holdin' some copies of their LP too!)

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